The key to having a great Orlando holiday is having some sort of plan


Your budget will be under a strain from all sides before you even get to Florida. Keep an eye on the costs early.


Staying onsite or offsite? If staying offsite don’t forget to factor in the costs of getting around to make it a fair comparison.

Getting Around

Hiring a car may be cheap but running it on a daily basis could cost more than you think when you factor in the running costs.

Park Tickets

Decide what you do and don’t want to see to keep costs down. Knowing that before before you buy your tickets keeps costs down.

Why You Should Plan

Without a good plan, you can find yourself standing in endless queues or watching the back of someone’s head instead of the parade in front.

How long you go for and where you stay will dictate how you are going to get around. What you want to see can have big implications on your time and budget.

Why You Need A Plan

Because there is so much to see and do, you need to have an idea of what you want to do and sometimes, more importantly, what you don’t so you can spend less time in queues and more time enjoying yourselves.

How To Plan

Use the website and free tools available to decide what you want to do. Don’t plan every day down to the absolute minute but turning up at the park gates without at least an idea of what you would like to do is equally as bad.

I also have free tools to help you stay on budget and keep track of your Fastpass allocations as well as an overview of your holiday so you know where you are going and when.


A website is great for researching but it’s not always the best solution.  I have put together a free 50+-page planning guide for you to download and save.  It’s packed with more tips on how you can save money and time in the parks.

Save it for reading later or print out a copy and make notes, the choice is up to you.

Theme Parks

Water parks

Million Annual Visitors

Combined Square Acres

Next Steps

Click on one of the options below to start your planning journey.

How To Book

Your ideal starting point if you have never been to Orlando. Discover all the steps you need to plan your perfect trip and your first set of free tools to help you plan smarter.

Getting Around

Where you stay has a direct effect on how you will get around. If you would rather not drive there is also a dedicated page on getting around Orlando without driving.

Park Tickets

This section takes you through the sometimes overly complicated ticket packages and shows you how you can save money by having the right plan.

Plan your perfect Orlando holiday

My 50+ page planning guide is packed full of information, tips and tools to help first time visitors to Orlando plan their perfect holiday.

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