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Seaworld is a polarising park. For decades its main draw has been it’s captive whale program but public distaste in recent years has forced Seaworld to re-brand and re-focus while still staying core to its mission of conservation. The Seaworld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund has donated over $18 million in grants in its near 20 year history.

Basic Information

Seaworld Orlando

A few facts on Seaworld Adventure Park Orlando. For more information on the attractions please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Vital Stats

Park Size:

200 Acres



Annual Visitors (2019):


Avarage Daily Visitors:



7007 Sea World Drive


FL, 32821

Seaworld Orlando Attraction Mix


  • Roller Coasters & Thrill Rides 23% 23%
  • Family & Children’s Attractions 50% 50%
  • Shows 30% 30%

Seaworld Orlando Location


Seaworld Orlando Main Entrance

Seaworld Orlando

Walking Distances

The physical aspect of walking around theme parks almost every day for 2 or more weeks comes as a surprise to many people. To illustrate the physical exertion, I use my Google Fit app to track my step count and distance walked in each park. I’ve crunched the numbers and the figures below represent my most recent visit to the park. 

Steps Walked


Distance Walked

9.93 km (6.17 miles)


Seaworld Orlando

Attraction Count

An overview of the attraction types you can expect to find in Seaworld Orlando

Roller Coasters

Thrill Rides

Water Rides

Immersive Rides

Children's Rides


Seaworld Orlando

Photo Gallery

A small selection of images taken by me in Seaworld Orlando

Seaworld Orlando

Park Downloads

Free guides, maps and tools to help you plan smarter!

Park Map

An up-to-date park map to give you an idea of the layout and know where your favourite attractions are in relation to one another. Days in the parks can be long, don’t walk further than you have to!

Park Guide

A handy overview of the park. Download and read at your pleasure and use in conjunction with the park map and attraction tick list to plan your day.

Attraction List

Set your priorities for the day by knowing the must-do attractions and ones to avoid. Set expectations so there is no disappointment when you arrive and know what else you can do if there is time.

Hassle Free

OPG Premium

Not sure where to begin? Let a travel professional handle the planning so you can get on with enjoying your day.

Seaworld Orlando


Roller Coasters

The rollercoasters here are relatively new additions, the product of a shift in corporate strategy which is beginning to pay off.

Thrill Rides

You could argue that the water rides here just fall into the thrill category but they are also family crowd pleasers.

Water Rides

A one-two punch of a world-first hybrid ride and current record holder makes Seaworld’s water attractions some of the best.

Immersive Rides

This is a new direction for Seaworld so expect the dark and immersive ride count to rise with new investment.

Children's Rides

Children can experience a real life version of one of the most iconic series in history in Sesame Street Land.


Traditionally where Seaworld excelled, the show count is reducing. The shows that remain are more balanced with a focus on education.

See Seaworld Visually


Seaworld Orlando

Insider Tips

Work Around The Shows

With so few rides compared to other parks in Orlando, shows will be your priority.

Download the Seaworld App to view showtimes for the day of your visit. Alternatively, pick up a park map at the entrance which has the day’s showtimes printed on it.

Once you know what time you need to be an where you can start figuring which rides you would like to do.

Consider Quick Queue

Quick Queue, Seaworld’s premium skip-the-line attraction access pass offers one of the best value passes and it comes in unlimited as standard.

The price increases in peak seasons but still offers good value for if you like repeated visits to some of Orlando’s biggest roller coasters.

Consider Plusing Your Day With A Tour

Seaworld Orlando VIP Tours are very informative and educational. If you have a particular species of marine animal you would like to get to know better Seaworld probably has a VIP tour that can accommodate you.

How Busy Does Seaworld Get?

Good Question! Have a look at my Seaworld Orlando Crowd Calendar page to see predicted crowd levels throughout the year.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Seaoworld

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