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Complete Legoland Florida FasTrack Pass Guide

Everything you need to know about Legoland Florida’s FasTrack Pass system

Legoland Florida FasTrack

FasTrack 3-Pack Or FasTrack Unlimited?

What Is a FasTrack Pass?

FasTrack is Legoland Florida’s premium queue offering. It operates similar to Legoland Windsor’s QBot system.  There are 2 tiers available, FasTrack 3-Pack and FasTrack Unlimited.

The cost is dependant on the day of your visit. FasTrack 3-Pack starts at $28.99 (plus tax) while FasTrack Unlimited starts from $59.99 (plus tax) but includes many more attractions.

My complete Legoland Florida FasTrack Pass guide has everything you need to know about booking and using this premium service.

2 Passes But No Waterpark

Choose Your Tier

FasTrack operates 2 tiers FasTrack 3-Pack and FasTrack Unlimited. There is quite a gap in price between them because FasTrack Unlimited includes many more attractions than the FasTrack3-pack pass. Legoland Waterpark does not currently offer any FasTrack attractions.

FasTrack 3-Pack

As the name suggests, FasTrack 3-Pack includes priority access to just 3 attractions out of the more than 50 in Legoland Florida. This pass is for roller coaster lovers.

FasTrack Unlimited

FasTrack Unlimited includes the 3 roller coasters but also many more attractions throughout the park. There are 24 in total for you to choose.

Complete Legoland Florida FasTrack Pass Guide

How FasTrack Passes Work

Using Legoland Florida’s FasTrack Pass system couldn’t be simpler. There is no need to pre-book your attraction before you enter the FasTrack line. Before you head to any attractions make sure you pick up your wristband. Once on your wrist they are non-transferrable.

With only 3 roller coasters to choose from on the 3-Pack pass, it’s not going to take long to use the pass. Then again, no matter what day you choose the pass is quite a bit cheaper than the unlimited pass and it’s very popular. If you are interested in the 3-Pack pass I would suggest booking it as far in advance as you can.

The unlimited pass on the other hand jumps quite a bit in price on popular days.  Starting at $59.99 (plus tax) it can go as high as $109.99 (plus tax). The 3-Pack pass by comparison starts at $28.99 (plus tax).

Many of the attractions at Legoland Florida are at other Legoland parks worldwide, including in the UK in Windsor. If you have visited a Legoland theme park before check the list of included attractions to see if you will get value for money before booking your unlimited pass.

On a moderately busy day you should expect normal queues for popular attractions to vary between 40 minutes and 1 hour.


No time slots but don't forget to pick up your wristband!


3 Roller Coasters or unlimited rides for the day


24 attractions available on FasTrack Unlimited Pass


Not available for Water Park Attractions


Currently no Discounts for on-resort Guests But Vacation Packages Do include more Than What You Get with Disney Or Universal On-Site Hotels.

Alphabetical Order By Park

Legoland Florida FasTrack Attractions

Below is a list of every attraction offered with FasTrack listed alphabetically and by pass type. FasTrack Unlimited offers far better value in terms of the time saved in queues but I would advise gauging the crowd level on the day before opting to take it.

Legoland Florida isn’t open every day of the week outside of peak periods.  Check their operating hours calendar ahead of your visit. Like many Legoland Parks worldwide, Legoland Florida is popular with annual passholders so weekends are busier than a week day. If you can visit on a weekday there may not be a need to use FasTrack at all.


Legoland Florida FasTrack 3-Pack Attractions

  • Coastersaurus
  • The Dragon
  • The Great LEGO Race

One-time only access to the three top roller coasters in Legoland Florida.


Legoland Florida FasTrack Unlimited Attractions

  • AQUAZONE Waver Racers
  • Battle of Bricksburg
  • Beetle Bounce
  • Boating School
  • Coastersaurus
  • DUPLO Tractor
  • DUPLO Train
  • Flying School
  • Ford Driving School
  • Ford Jr. Driving School
  • Kid Power Tower
  • LEGO NINJAGO The Ride 
  • Lost Kingdom Adventure
  • Merlin’s Challenge
  • Mia’s Riding Adventure
  • Rescue Academy
  • Royal Joust
  • Safari Trek
  • Technicycle
  • The Dragon
  • The Grand Carousel
  • The Great LEGO Race Coaster
  • The LEGO MOVIE Masters of Flight
  • Unikitty’s Disco Drop

Legoland Florida FasTrack Pass Tips

Tips And Tricks

Don’t forget to check minimum height requirements for attractions.


Unlimited VS 3-Pack

With only 3 roller coasters on the 3-Pack Pass compared to 24 on the unlimited pass, it’s clear which one offers the better value.

FasTrack & Shows

Legoland Florida currently offers 3 popular shows. Unfortunately, neither Legoland Florida FasTrack pass is valid at any of the shows for premium seating.

Crowd Levels

Legoland Florida is quite a way from Orlando. It’s very quiet compared to other parks. With over 50 attractions to spread the crowds a FasTrack may not be needed.

Legoland florida FasTrack


Is FasTrack Available For Legoland Floroda's Shows?

Unfortunately, at the current time FasTrack is not available at any of Legoland Florida’s 3 shows.

You also cannot use your FasTrack band in the Legoland Waterpark or any free play areas within the park.

Once I Have My FasTrack Pass Is There A Process I Have To Follow?

There is no requirement to pre-book your attractions as with Disney’s Genie+ service but you do have to remember to pick up a wristband when you enter the park.

Wristbands are used to identify FasTrack Pass holders by Legoland cast members. Once a wristband is in place don’t take it off until you leave the park for the day as they are non-transferable.

Can I Purchase A FasTrack Pass With My UK Tickets?

As with all premium queue options, FasTrack is a date-specific product due to its dynamic pricing nature.

Passes cannot be reserved without first picking a date.  Tickets for UK holidaymakers are not date specific, they are only confined to a specific year.

FasTrack Passes can be purchased directly from the Legoland Florida website in the ‘Rentals & Extras’ section. Once you pick your date in the popup window available passes and prices will be displayed in US$.

Can I Purchase FasTrack Passes And Choose My Date Later?

Unfortunately not. FasTrack tickets are dynamically priced depending on the day you would like to use them.  UK Tickets are open-dated (only constrained to the year in which you purchase them for). FasTrack tickets are limited per day so you must choose a date to purchase them.

FasTrack tickets are available directly from the Legoland Florida website in the Rentals & Extras section.

Do I Get Immediate Access To The Ride With FasTrack?

Not quite but the wait shouldn’t be too long. As there is no reservation system in place there is no way for Legoland Florida to control lines at any given time, only the amount of passes sold on a given date.

Generally speaking, your wait time should be 15 minutes or under but this isn’t always the case, especially in hectic periods. Popular attractions in Legoland Florida have queues over an hour in length at moderate to busy periods so the pass does offer a lot of time savings despite its steep price on the days when it will be most needed.

The ride attendant at the entrance should be able to indicate how long the FasTrack wait time is.

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