Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park

Orlando’s newest water park certainly makes a statement with a 200ft tall erupting volcano as its centrepiece. The water park feels far larger than it’s mere 27 acres would suggest. Genius design, virtual queueing and a never ending supply of water based thrills, whats not to love?!

Basic Information

Volcano Bay

A few facts on Orlando’s newest water park, Universal’s Volcano Bay. For more information on the attractions please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Vital Stats

Park Size:

27 Acres



Annual Visitors (2019):


Avarage Daily Visitors:



6000 Universal Boulevard


FL, 32819

What 3 Words

Volcano Bay Entrance Plaza


Universal Orlando Parking


Good To Know

Tucked away on the last tiny parcel of empty land on the existing Universal lot you cannot drive directly to the park. Volcano bay is a 5 minute free shuttle ride from the main Universal car park.

Volcano Bay Location


Volcano Bay Entrance Plaza

Universal Orlando Resort Parking

Universal’s Volcano Bay

Walking Distances

The physical aspect of walking around theme parks almost every day for 2 or more weeks comes as a surprise to many people. To illustrate the physical exertion, I use my Google Fit app to track my step count and distance walked in each park. I’ve crunched the numbers and the figures below represent my most recent visit to the park. 

Steps Walked


Distance Walked

7.45 km (4.63 miles)


Volcano BaY


Total Slides Length (in ft)

Water Slides

Million Gallons Of Water

Total Attractions

Square Acres Of Beach

Universal’s Volcano Bay

Photo Gallery

A small selection of images taken by me in Universal’s Volcano Bay

Universal’s Volcano Bay

Park Downloads

Free maps and tools to help you plan smarter!

Park Map

Download an up to dat epark map. Get an idea of the park layout and know where you need to to go once you’re changed to bag those virtual slide passes.

Slide Height Requirements

Height requirements and points to note for all the attractions in Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park. Use this to plan your day.

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Not sure where to begin? Let a travel professional handle the planning so you can get on with enjoying your day.

Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park


A brief description of the 4 areas of Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park

The Volcano

Krakatau is the centrepiece and icon of the park. Use it as a refreshing cut through where there is also a surprise for anyone brave enough to enter.

River Village

The furthest area from the entrance, River Village is home to several top attractions, a children’s water play area and lots of seating.

Wave Village

Your entrance to a watery wonderland. Wave Village has all the usual amenities as well as the massive beach area and plenty of seating.

Rainforest Village

Keep left as you enter and you will find Rainforest Village tucked behind the Krakatau Volcano. This is where you will find most, but not all of the slides.

Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park

Insider Tips

Getting To The Park

Tucked away on a small parcel of land at, literally. the southern tip of the Universal Orlando campus, Volcano Bay is surrounded by service roads and hotels.

If you are driving follow the signs to the usual Universal Parking lots and let the attendants know you want to visit Volcano Bay. From the parking lot, you will need to take a short shuttle bus to Volcano Bay. On warm days you will need to get to Universal early before Volcano Bay reaches capacity, it’s a very popular water park.

Resort hotels offer free shuttle buses from their receptions to Volcano Bay. Cabana Bay and Aventura Hotels have a walking path directly to the entrance plaza.

Resort hotel guests also get access to Volcano Bay 1 hour before it opens to the general public.

Getting On The Rides

Unlike every other theme park you have likely ever visited, Volcano Bay uses a virtual line exclusively for its attractions.

First thing in the morning you may be able to walk up to a slide a get on but as the park fills, and it fills up quick on summer days, you will need to book your virtual place in line.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good in that you’re not standing in the hot sun for hours, you can enjoy the pools or grab a bite to eat while you wait.

Bad for those that have a specific slide they want to try but it’s already fully booked for the day because you didn’t get a place in line early enough.

If you have an attraction you can’t miss make sure you visit it and reserve your spot by tapping your Tapu Tapu device on the Volcano Bay logo on the totems next to the entrance.

When it’s time to ride, your Tapu Tapu will vibrate and tell you where to head to. Don’t panic if you’re in the middle of lunch, you can head over at your leisure but you do have to tap into the attraction before you can select another.

What Is A Tapu Tapu Anyway?

A Tapu Tapu is an on-wrist device that allows access to the attractions, lockers and interactive elements inside the park. If you see the Volcano Bay icon try your Tapu Tapu, you never know what might happen!

A complimentary Tapu Tapu is given to every visitor when they enter. Up to 4 Tapu Tapu devices can be linked to a locker so the whole family can access it. There are 3 sizes of lockers to choose from.

You can even link a credit card to your Tapu Tapu and use it to pay for goods and services in the park to save carrying around your cards or phones.

kids and parents enjoying Kid Power Towers in the Florida sunshine

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