Disney's Magic Kingdom Overview

Animal Kingdom is one of the largest theme parks in the world. The beauty of this park lies in its incredible detail. There is far too much to absorb on one visit making repeat visits a delight.

Magic Kingdom Directions


World Drive

Lake Buena Vista



GPS Coordinates:


28.4177° N, 81.5812° W

Magic Kingdom Park Statistics

  • Park Size: 142 Acres
  • Demographic: Families & Younger Children
  • Annual Visitor Numbers: 20.96m (2019)
  • Average daily Visitor Count: 57,500

Magic Kingdom Attraction Mix

  • Roller Coasters & Thrill Rides 14% 14%
  • Family & Children’s Attractions 64% 64%
  • Shows 22% 22%

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Website

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Magic Kingdom Gallery

Park Guide

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Park Guide

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Park Map

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Magic Kingdom Attractions

Roller Coasters

For a park mainly aimed at younger children there are an impressive mix of roller coasters to be found.

Dark Rides

The piece-de-resistance of this park is the sheer number, scale and budget of dark rides you can find here.

Thrill Rides

Thrill rides are not the main aim here but some attractions provide a decent amount of thrills from expectations.

Children's Rides

With an emphasis on families and children you’ll find more to do here than you can fit into one day.

Water Rides

With a budget of around $70m in todays money, Magic Kingdom’s solo water attraction really delivers.


Despite there being numerous wonderful shows the focus for children here is on a plethora of meet and greet opportunities.