Islands Of Adventure Overview

This new millennium wonder park still draws in the crowds with a fantastic mix of thrills mixed with immersion and a keen eye on the details.

Islands Of Adventure Park Directions


6000 Universal Boulevard




GPS Coordinates:


28° 28′ 15.9240” N, 81° 28′ 17.6340” W

Islands Of Adventure Park Stats

  • Park Size: 108 Acres
  • Demographic: Teenagers & Adults
  • Annual Visitor Numbers: 10.92m (2019)
  • Average daily Visitor Count: 27,725

Islands Of Adventure Attraction Mix

  • Roller Coasters & Thrill Rides 30% 30%
  • Family & Children’s Attractions 65% 65%
  • Shows 5% 5%

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Islands Of Adventure Attractions

Roller Coasters

What sets Islands Of Adventure’s roller coasters apart is their strikingly different designs which is welcome relief!

Dark & Immersive Rides

Innovation stands out here again. Instead of copying a proven design every single dark ride, IOA takes what made its predecessor great and improves on it.

Thrill Rides

With Islands Of Adventure Universal set out to design a park for everyone. Because of that the thrill count is low.

Children's Rides

Designed from the ground up to cater more to younger visitors is it surprising that IOA has twice the amount of family & children’s attractions than other types?

Water Rides

In an age where water attractions seems to be becoming a rare species, Islands Of Adventure boasts 3 of the world’s finest!


Islands Of Adventure’s one Achilles heel is the almost complete abandonment of shows. Two theatres stand ready but are sadly left empty except on special occasions.