Legoland Florida Overview

Opened in 2011 on the former site of Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, Legoland Florida is now the third-largest Lego park in the world. All Legoland favourites are here along with a preserved Cypress Gardens, waterpark and 2 onsite hotels

Basic Information

Legoland Florida

A few facts on Legoland Florida in Winter Haven. For more information on the attractions please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Vital Stats

Park Size:

149 Acres


Young Children

Annual Visitors (2019):

<2M (estimated)

Avarage Daily Visitors:

6,000 (estimated)


1 Legoland Way

Winter Haven

FL, 33884

Legoland Florida Attraction Mix


  • Roller Coasters & Thrill Rides 18% 18%
  • Family & Children’s Attractions 77% 77%
  • Shows 5% 5%

Legoland Florida Location


Legoland Florida Entrance Plaza

Legoland Florida

Attraction Count

An overview of the attraction types you can expect to find in Legoland Florida

Roller Coasters

Thrill Rides

Water Rides

Immersive Rides

Children's Rides


Legoland Florida

Photo Gallery

A small selection of images from Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida

Park Downloads

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Park Map

An up-to-date park map to give you an idea of the layout and know where your favourite attractions are in relation to one another. Days in the parks can be long, don’t walk further than you have to!

Park Guide

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Attraction List

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Legoland Florida


Roller Coasters

For a park aimed primarily at young children there are an impressive amount and variety of roller coasters.

Thrill Rides

As you might expect thrills here are related to the age demographic & these attractions also have some height restrictions.

Water Rides

Paying homage to the world famous ski show that used to call this place its home you’ll find a great array of water rides.

Immersive Rides

Young ones don’t want to sit and watch so most attractions are kinetic and outdoors making the most of the scenery.

Children's Rides

The vast majority of attractions here cater for young or very young children. Keep an eye on age & height restrictions.


With a park this beautiful you don’t want to be indoors for too long but there are a couple of shows to escape the heat.

Legoland Florida

Insider Tips

Getting To The Park

Legoland Florida is roughly 45 minutes to an hour south of Kissimmee and Disney World.

A low-cost bus service like the Busch Gardens Express has not returned post-Covid. Currently, your only option to get to Legoland Florida is to drive.

With 3 on-site hotels you could organise a mini-break from Disney and Orlando if you want to maximise your time and really get to know Legoland Florida.

Time Saving Queue Tips

Arrive early and head to the back of the park. It’s tempting to stop at attractions on the way but start at the back and work your way forward.

You will beat the crowds and you’ll have much less of a walk to exit the park come closing time when everyone is tired.

Speaking of, if there is a queue for your favourite attraction, but especially the roller coasters, wait until the half-hour before the park closes and try again. Little legs get tired by mid-afternoon so come park closing the ride queue times are slashed.

Visit During The Week

Like Busch Gardens in Tampa this park gets crazy busy at the weekends with annual pass holders.

If you want to maximise your time here visit during the week but please check the Legoland Florida calenadar before you schedule a visit.

In quiet periods Legoland Florida doesn’t open some days during the week at all. The water park is also only open in the warmer months.


kids and parents enjoying Kid Power Towers in the Florida sunshine

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