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Orlando Holiday Planning Guide

Absolutely everything you need to know to plan your perfect Orlando Holiday

First Time Visitors

You are bound to have plenty of questions if this is your first visit. This guide has been put together with first time visitors in mind to answer a lot of the questions you may already be asking yourself.

Returning Visitors

The pace of change in Orlando is frantic. There is always something closing to make way for new attractions.  Perks get altered or removed. The website is kept up to date so you can stay up to date.

orlando holiday planning guide


Your Concise guide to planning your best Orlando holiday

Your free guide to Orlando’s theme parks is always up to date and always with you on your smartphone or whatever device you choose.

Even if you have never been, you will find out what you have to book, when and why.  It’s constantly being updated because Orlando theme parks never stop innovating.

With topics ranging from When To Go, Park Tickets, Budgeting, Saving Money and more you can be sure you will have a great visit!

section by section

Everything you need to know in 8 concise sections

When To Go

The time of year you go affects not only the price but the experiences you can find.

Where To Stay

On-site or off-site? Disney or Universal? Where you stay affects everything else.

Park Tickets

Park tickets are one of the largest costs but when is the best time to buy and how do you save money?

What To Pack

Don’t underestimate how physical an Orlando holiday can be!

Package Trip Or DIY?

There is no right or wrong answer. Each way has it’s pro’s and con’s. Which way is best for you?


Keeping an eye on your budget will mean you can enjoy yourself without worrying how you will pay for everything.

New Technology

Enjoy more time with each other than in queues. How parks achieve this is changing every year.

Saving Money

Money saving tips and hacks in the parks and other things you may not have thought about..

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here for you

The guide is one part of all the tools you have


Planning Guide

A completely free 50+ page concise guide to planning your first Orlando holiday. Start planning at your own pace.


Free Downloads & Tools

Each park has a downloadable guide plus free downloadable tools that you can use to help you plan better and smarter.


OPG Website

My website has plenty of information on each theme park so you can get a good idea of what you want to do even if you’ve never been.


Here For You

Every Orlando holiday is unique and I hope I have answered most of your questions.  If you have any more questions please get in touch.