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Complete Seaworld & Busch Gardens Quick Queue Guide

Everything you need to know about Seaworld Parks Quick Queue system

Seaworld Parks Quick Queue

Get To The Thrills Faster

What Is Quick Queue?

Quick Queue is Seaworld Park’s premium queue option.  There are different types of pass depending on the park you wish to use Quick Queue in. You can purchase a pass with your tickets, book a Quick Queue ticket ahead of your visit or pick one up on the day subject to availability. Quick Queue is very simple to use but may not always be warranted depending on the date of your visit. My complete Seaworld and Busch Gardens Quick Queue guide has everything you need to know about this premium service.


Same Pass, Two Parks

Quick Queue is operated in both Seaworld and Busch Gardens parks. There are various types of pass in operation at each park.

Quick Queue At Seaworld

Seaworld operates 3 tiers of Quick Queue. 1 just for show seating, unlimited for the attractions and unlimited with the latest attraction which isn’t included as standard.

Quick Queue At Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens also operates 3 tiers of Quick Queue, this time focused on the rides due to a lack of shows. Standard one-time entry, unlimited entry and a junior level pass.

Jump The QueueS In Water Parks Too!

Water Parks And  Quick Queue

Quick Queue operates ever so slightly differently depending on which water park you are visiting, Aquatica or Adventure Island. Adventure Island has standard and unlimited options while Aquatica is unlimited with a couple of exclusions. Scroll down for mor information on Aquatica.

Quick Queue

The standard Quick Queue allows one time quicker entry to the most popular slides throughout the park.

Quick Queue Unlimited

Quick Queue Unlimited allows unlimited entry to the same slides as the standard pass for the day in which it is valid.

Complete Seaworld And Busch Gardens Quick Queue Guide

How Quick Queue Works

Like Universal’s Express Pass, there is no need to pre book your attraction before you enter the quick queue line. Checks on my visit were sporadic. There sometimes may be no cast member to check your pass at the attraction entrance so make sure you get in the correct line. I managed to get on Kraken in Seaworld without being challenged once but cast members are supposed to ask to see your Quick Queue Pass before you are allowed to board even though that wasn’t always my experience.

Head to your chosen attraction and enjoy faster queueing access. In Seaworld you can buy a pass that either does or doesn’t include the newest attraction (Ice Breaker in 2022).  In Busch Gardens it is Iron Gwazi. These newest attractions will only allow one entry if you purchase the correct add on, even if you have an unlimited Quick Queue pass.

Getting Value For Money With Quick Queue

Value for money with Quick Queue will very much depend on the date of your visit. Unlike Disney’s Genie+ service, the cost of Quick Queue passes increases sharply in busier periods but this is when the most value is derived although they are still generally cheaper than Universal’s Express Pass system.

Remember that Seaworld Quick Queue tickets are unlimited as standard so, if you like big roller coasters, it provides brilliant value, even on quieter days when the queue may only be 30 minutes per attraction.

If you’re not so fussed about squeezing in multiple rides to your day Quick Queue will definitely not be needed at quieter times of the year in either of the parks.


No time slots


One ride or unlimited rides for the day


Shorter queues for attractions than Disney Genie+


Also available for Water Park Attractions


Currently no Discounts for on-resort Guests As They Don't Have An On-Resort Hotel (but They Are Working On One!)

Alphabetical Order By Park

Seaworld Orlando Quick Queue Attractions

Below is a list of every attraction offered with Quick Queue listed alphabetically and by park. Quick Queue passes in Seaworld and Aquatica are unlimited for the day by default. To get on the 2 newest slides in Aquatica make sure you purchase Quick Queue Unlimited PLUS ticket. In the main park, you can get reserved seating at 4 of the stadiums without having to purchase Quick Queue for the attractions.

Seaworld Orlando Attractions

  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin (Exhibit Only)
  • Infinity Falls
  • Journey to Atlantis
  • Kraken
  • Mako
  • Manta
  • Ice Breaker (with appropriate upgrade)
  • Infinity Falls

Seaworld Orlando Shows

  • Bayside Stadium
  • Dolphin Theatre
  • Orca Encounter
  • Sealion & Otter Stadium

Aquatica Orlando Quick Queue Unlimited

  • Ihu’s Breakaway Falls
  • Kare Kare Curl
  • Omaka Rocka
  • Reef Plunge
  • Riptide Race
  • Tassie’s Twisters
  • Taumata Racer
  • Whanau Way

Aquatica Orlando Quick Queue Unlimited Plus

  • Ihu’s Breakaway Falls
  • Kare Kare Curl
  • Omaka Rocka
  • Reef Plunge
  • Ray Rush
  • Riptide Race
  • Tassie’s Twisters
  • Taumata Racer
  • Walhalla Wave
  • Whanau Way

Alphabetical Order By Park

Busch Gardens Quick Queue Attractions

Below is a list of every attraction offered with Quick Queue at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island. Quick Queue passes in Busch Gardens come in 2 tiers, standard and unlimited. There is one exception to keep in mind. Iron Gwazi, Busch Garden’s newest roller coaster isn’t included unless you explicitly add it on.

Busch Gardens Quick Queue Junior

  • Air Grover
  • Cobra’s Curse
  • Congo River Rapids
  • Sand Serpent
  • Scorpion
  • Stanley Falls Flume

Busch Gardens Quick Queue

  • Cheetah Hunt
  • Cobra’s Curse
  • Congo River Rapids
  • Falcon’s Fury
  • Kumba
  • Montu
  • Sand Serpent
  • Scorpion
  • SheiKra
  • Stanley Falls Flume
  • Tigris

Busch Gardens Quick Queue Unlimited

All the above attractions are available for an unlimited amount of rides per day. You also have the option of adding a one-time ride on Iron Gwazi. It is not currently available on the standard Quick Queue ticket upgrade.

Adventure Island Quick Queue

  • Aruba Tuba
  • Calypso Coaster
  • Riptide
  • Colossal Curl
  • Solar Vortex

Adventure Island Quick Queue Unlimited

  • Aruba Tuba
  • Calypso Coaster
  • Riptide
  • Colossal Curl
  • Solar Vortex

NOTE: Quick Queue Unlimited is available with or without a one-time ride on both Wahoo! Remix and Rapids Racer, Adventure Islands newest slides. They are not currently available on the standard Quick Queue ticket upgrade.

Alphabetical Order By Park

Most Popular Quick Queue Attractions

Below are the top 3 attractions by park that usually attract the longest lines.

Seaworld Orlando

  • Ice Breaker
  • Infinity Falls
  • Kraken

Busch Gardens Tampa

  • Cheetah Hunt
  • Kumba
  • Stanley Falls Flume

Seaworld & Busch Gardens Quick Queue Tips

Tips And Tricks

Don’t forget to check minimum height requirements for attractions.


Not All Rides

There are notable exceptions that you cannot Quick Queue in all parks without paying for unlimited passes when you may not want it. If you are interested in these attractions it may be better, and cheaper to queue normally for them. 

Reserved Seats

Reserved Seating Quick Queue passes in Seaworld require that you arrive at the chosen show 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time. The stadiums are large enough that, with a little planning, reserved seating shouldn’t be necessary.

Crowd Levels

Attendance at Seaworld and Busch Gardens is far below that of Universal Orlando and Disney World. Research how busy the parks will be on your proposed vistit dates to see if Quick Queue would be worthwhile.

Seaworld & Busch Gardens Quick Queue


Is There A Best Time To Get Quick Queue Passes?

Generally speaking, the busier the day the more you will get out of Quick Queue. These are also the days when the pass is at it’s most expensive.

US summer holidays from late June through mid-August and weeks prior to Christmas are particularly busy in Seaworld and Busch Gardens. Spring Break holiday around Easter is the next busiest time in the resorts.

Busch Gardens, in particular, is popular with local annual pass holders so weekends are busier than weekdays.

Is Quick Queue Available At Howl-O-Scream?

Howl-O-Scream is a popular separately ticketed event at Busch Gardens and, since 2021, Seaworld. It runs on select nights from mid-September until the end of October.

As it is separately ticketed, your Quick Queue passes are not valid at these events. You can purchase a separate skip-the-line access pass for the houses at Howl-O-Scream on top of your entry fee for the event.

If you purchase a Quick Queue add-on for a Howl-O-Scream event day it will only be valid until the park first closes, usually around 5pm.  To enter Howl-O-Scream you need a separate ticket.  Day tickets are not valid for this event.

Once I Have My Pass Is There A Process I Have To Follow?

Seaworld’s Quick Queue tickets are for more relaxed than they are in Disney World and even Universal Orlando.

Once you have your ticket, standard or unlimited in Busch Gardens or Reserved Seats and Unlimited in Seaworld, show it to the attendant at the entrance and you will be allowed to enter the Quick Queue line. There is no pre-booking required.

To get value out of single-use passes make sure there is at least a 30-minute queue at your chosen attraction, anything less you may as well wait in the queue and use your pass later in the day when queues are longer.

To benefit from Reserved Seating Quick Queue passes at Seaworld you need to arrive at the show at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time when the general audience is let in.

Can I Purchase Quick Queue With My UK Tickets?

Currently, Quick Queue tickets are not available for purchase outside of the official websites.

Quick Queue tickets can be purchased directly on the Seaworld or Busch Gardens websites before you arrive. Booking on the websites direct will mean you have to pay in US$.

Tickets are available on the day, subject to availability, at one of the Quick Queue kiosks or self-service points dotted throughout the parks.

Can I Purchase Quick Queue And Choose My Date Later?

Unfortunately not.  Quick Queue tickets are priced depending on the day you would like to use them.  UK Tickets are open-dated (only constrained to the year in which you purchase them for). Quick Queue tickets are limited per day so you must choose a date to purchase them.

Quick Queue tickets are available directly from either the Seaworld or Busch Gardens websites in the Upgrades section.

If you have purchased a pass and would like to change the date you may do so before the day of your visit by contacting the relevant park’s customer service team. You may have to pay for the difference in the pass price depending on your newly chosen date.

Is There A Way To Cut The Cost Of Quick Queue Tickets?

Neither Seaworld nor Busch Gardens currently operate on-site hotels although Seaworld is actively looking at adding an on-site hotel to their resort in Orlando.

Quick Queue tickets are priced by the day, weekdays will be cheaper than weekends and term times dates are cheaper than school holidays.

Do I Get Immediate Access To The Ride With Quick Queue?

Unfortunately not. As there is no reservation system in place there is no way for Seaworld or Busch Gardens to control lines at any given time, only the amount of passes sold on a given date.

Generally speaking, your wait time should be 15 minutes or under but this isn’t always the case, especially in very busy periods.

The ride attendant at the entrance should be able to give you an indication of how long the Quick Queue wait time is.