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Learn how to avoid queueing with personal Orlando holiday planning advice by OPG Premium
OPG Premium helps you maximise your time and reduce the time you stand in queues

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OPG Premium

Everybody is different . Some people love planning their own trips while others prefer to leave the details to someone else. I have designed OPG Premium as your one stop planning service for your Orlando Holiday. I can check for the cheapest travel, accommodation and ticket packages available for you when you are ready to book, it’s what I used to do as a travel agent for years.

Unlike a travel agent, through OPG Premium I will be with you every step of your planning journey for a truly personalised Orlando holiday planning service. I can be as hands on or off as you like. Ask me any questions, schedule a conference or video call to discus your thoughts, access exclusive content not available on the general website, upload all your holiday documents to a secure vault available online or on an app on your phone. Every member gets a personalised Orlando holiday itinerary put together with you and for you taking all your expectations into account. I also keep track of any changes happening in the parks that may affect your holiday so you don’t have to worry about nasty surprises when you arrive.

Take the worry out of your holiday

OPG Premium Features

One Price Unlimited Personal Orlando Holiday Advice

Advice From A Travel Professional

Access to OPG Premium includes unlimited help in the planning and booking of your trip. No question is too insignificant. Communication can be a combination of your choice of phone numbers, WhatsApp and Messenger groups plus video chat if you wish. If you haven’t yet booked your trip I am more than happy to help you narrow down your options. If you already have everything booked I will work within your existing holiday parameters to give you an Orlando trip nobody will forget.

Professional Advice

After graduating from college, I worked my way up to become a manager of multiple branches of Thomas Cook in the mid 90’s. I have booked thousands of holidays all over the world. I may not work in travel anymore but I still know how to find the best prices for your flights, accommodation and other services when you are ready to book.

Personal Service

I create holiday plans that maximise time and entertainment either within your existing or new holiday booking parameters. My itinerary and recommendations are based solely on your preferences. Avoid theme park burnout, remember the fun times you have with each other, not endless hours of standing in queues.

One Off Price

Each personally crafted itinerary has hours upon hours of research and preparation put into it plus unlimited revisions. This is on top of unlimited personal consultations with you and the hundreds of hours that has gone into the content creation for the website. OPG Premium provides outstanding hyper-personalised value for money for your trip.

Secure Portal

Making a personalised itinerary sometimes requires the sharing of sensitive information. OPG Premium includes your own travel portal through which we can communicate and share information securely. Your portal also includes access to exclusive content not available on the main website.

Constantly Reviewed

An Orlando Holiday should be a fluid process. Once plans are set there may be a need to amend those plans to accommodate sudden closures or changes in personal circumstances or the theme parks. I keep an eye on what is happening in the parks so you don’t have to.

Hassle Free

The Price for OPG Premium is set. I am only interested in giving you the best Orlando holiday possible within your budget and timeframe. I guarantee no upselling or hassle, just honest advice to give you your best holiday.

OPG Premium

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OPG Premium



Website Access & Downloads


Portal Access With Exclusive Content


Personalised Itinerary


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Multiple Orlando Trips

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Website Access & Downloads


Portal Access With Exclusive Content


Personalised Itinerary


Unlimited Advice


Multiple Orlando Trips

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Frequently Asked Questions

WhAt Does Premium Membership Include?

OPG Premium membership includes access to a secure portal until you return from your trip. You can use the poral to store important information about your trip securely and view online or in an app on your phone.

Use the chat feature to ask me questions or clarify any information. Your personal itinerary will be uploaded for you to access along with an ever expanding amount of exclusive content not available on the general website.

I can help you book your trip if you are having problems. All the trip details will be stored securely and I will let you know what you need to do and when.


How Can I Contact You?

OPG Premium members will have access to secure messages through their portal. This can be used to send questions and sensitive information. 

Premium members also have access to my telephone number and WhatsApp & Messenger groups so you can contact me however you wish with any questions.

Is Every Itinerary Unique?

Short answer, absolutely!

New OPG Premium members will be invited to fill in a short questionnaire about likes, dislikes and knowledge levels when it comes to Orlando’s many attractions.

Every itinerary is personally crafted by me using your preferences and goals, not a faceless AI program spitting out the same itinerary.

Every family is unique and your itinerary should be as unique as you.


What Makes You Qualified To Give Advice?

Having gained a GNVQ in Travel, Leisure & Tourism out of college I worked for one of the largest high street travel agents in multiple departments, including foreign exchange, flight only bookings, administration and ticketing, package holidays and bespoke travel arrangements, before taking on multiple branches as a branch manager.

My knowledge of booking holidays comes from years of booking thousands of trips for people all over the world but Orlando has always been my speciality.

My currency advice comes from 2 years working in foreign exchange plus decades of adventurous travel worldwide to some more out of the way places.

While I have left the business of selling travel behind, my passion for travel of all kinds has never been greater. Check out my travel blog if you like stunning landscapes and more offbeat adventures.

I moved on from travel into what was then the emerging market of mobile phones. My experience of roaming rates comes from years managing multiple branches of the UK’s largest independent retailer of mobile phones.

My worldwide travels also mean I know what it takes to keep your costs down when travelling abroad on multiple fronts.

Are You Paid To Push Any Services?

Directional selling is one of the main reasons I left the travel and mobile industries. Staff wages at the time were too reliant on what is being sold rather than allowing me to offer the best choice to the customer.

Any services I recommend such as ticket brokers, airlines and car hire companies have all provided me services in the past for which I have paid the normal retail price with my own money.

The website does include some affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any of these links I receive a small commission to help with the day to day running cost of the website. Should the best offer for you fall with one of these companies I will advise you of the affiliate link status in my recommendation. I do not recommend one provider over another specifically because pricing in the travel industry is very dynamic and can change multiple times a day depending on the demand.


Can I Book Services Through You?

It is important for you to understand I am not ABTA or ATOL bonded – the cost is too prohibitive currently.

The holiday and/or service providers I recommend will be the best option in the market for your needs at the time I check. The price will not be guaranteed until the service is booked.

I am happy to book the services for you upon cleared payment but my recommendations will clearly list the booking links so you can book them yourself if you so wish.

Any services you book are subject to the service provider(s) booking conditions. I will also provide a link to their booking conditions so you can make an informed decision but my recommendation will list the basic booking conditions.

The service will be booked in your name and you will be responsible for fulfilling the booking conditions such as payment balances on time.

Is My Premium Membership Unlimited?

You can have the option of unlimited trips for a one off payment. Standard OPG Premium membership covers advice, a personalised itinerary and portal access for one trip. 

One week after the trip is fully completed access to your portal will be removed. Please make sure you have downloaded any information you require prior to this happening.


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Before you can access your personal gateway I need a couple of details. These are only used to give you access to your portal and will not be sold on or used for marketing purposes.

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