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Planning Guide

New Visitors

You are bound to have plenty of questions if this is your first visit. This guide has been put together with first time visitors in mind. It answers a lot of questions you may already be asking yourself but it delves deeper and answers questions you haven’t got to yet!

Returning Visitors

The pace of change in Orlando is frantic. There is always something closing to make way for new attractions, something new is always on the horizon.  Perks get altered or removed. My Orlando Holiday Planning  Guide is updated regularly to reflect these changes

Everything You Need To Know

A Concise Guide To Planning Your Best Orlando Holiday

Your free Orlando Holiday Planning Guide is kept up to date and always with you on your smartphone or whatever device you choose. It’s  completely revised every year because the theme parks are always innovating and I keep up with any important changes.

The guide is invaluable to first time visitors but even if you have been before you will still find value inside with all the changes that happen in Orlando.

With topics ranging from When To Go, Park Tickets, Budgeting, Saving Money and more you can be sure you will have a great visit!

FREE Orlando Holiday Planning Guide

Whats In The Guide?

Everything you need to know to book your dream Orlando holiday in 8 concise sections. It covers everything from before you book through to money saving tips and tricks in the parks.

When To Go

The time of year you go affects not only the price but the experiences you can find and the crowds that are around you.

Expanded & Updated

Where To Stay

On-site or off-site? Disney or Universal? Where you stay have a huge effect on the cost but also the perks you may reveive.

Expanded & Updated

Park Tickets

Theme park tickets are one of your largest outlays but when is the best time to buy and how do you save money?

Expanded & Updated

What To Pack

A little thought in what you take with you can save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary in park spending.

Fully Updated

Package Or DIY?

An overview of the main tour operators and what you need to think about if you want to book everything yourself.

Expanded & Updated


Information and tips on saving money & an overview of Disney Dining Plan. Universal’s dining plan has been discontinued.

Expanded & Updated

New Technology

A section about the in-park apps and the features you can use to cut queueing time and maximise what you can do in a day.

Expanded & Updated

Saving Money

Info on saving money in the parks but I also highlight services that could cost you a lot in the US and how you can avoid those costs.

Fully Updated

New In ’22

New Design & Completely Rewritten

Your 2022 Orlando Holiday Planning Guide

Completely rewritten, updated and expanded for 2022, my 81-page free guide now includes post-COVID policy updates introduced by the parks as well as changes to how you should plan your holiday from now on.

There are new guides for Disney Genie and Lightning Lane, Seaworld Park’s Quick Queue and Universal’s Express Pass. If you want to stay onsite my already comprehensive Disney World and Universal hotels section has expended three fold over the last edition. If you want to plan for, or avoid, big events in the theme parks my events section has more than doubled in size.

The guide is packed with money saving tips and tricks, completely updated, throughout so you can get the best value for your money and your time in Orlando.

Orlando Planning Guide

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