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Hollywood Studios

Where you once went to “Ride The Movies” now boasts full immersion with the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Hollywood Studios

154 Acres

Recommended Visit: 1 Day

Attraction Count: 14 

Fireworks: Nightly

A new era has begun at Hollywood Studios with the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

The park has finally found its identity.  It is slowly transforming from a place where you could “Ride The Movies” to a place where you will be fully immersed in them.


Roller Coasters


Thrill Rides


Water Rides


Dark Rides


Childrens Rides




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Park Map

Download an up-to-date park map so you can get some idea of how one area relates to others within the park.  This is the most up to date version of the park map for Hollywood Studios with Toy Story Land and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge included. 


Park Guide

Never been before?  Version 2 of our Park Guide is now available.  Fully rewritten and expanded with up to 5 times more information than version 1.  Download this invaluable resource for first time visitors now for free!


Attraction Tick List

So much to do yet so little time.  Download this handy printable 1-sheet PDF tick list of attractions for the park so you can easily see what you have already planned and what you may have missed.

Explore The Park!

Currently, only this overview page is active.  Each of the sections below will eventually hold more information on the park’s attractions.

Roller Coasters

Roller coasters aren’t usually good story tellers which explains why there are only 2 here.  Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster is aimed at adults while Slinky Dog Dash anchors the new Toy Story Land

Thrill Rides

The original and still the best version of Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror has become the park icon since it opened in 1994.  The theming is spot on.  Tower Of Terror is Disney storytelling at its very best.

Water Rides

Hollywood Studios is a dry zone.  The closest it had to a water ride was Catastrophe Canyon as part of teh Backlot Tour but that closed to make way for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.  

Dark & Immersive Rides

With the closure of The Great Movie Ride to make way for Mickey And Minnie’s Runaway Railway in 2021, Hollywood Studios now only has 2 dark rides, both simulators, the older Star Tours and newer Milennium Falcon Smuggler’s Run.

Childrens Rides

Between Toy Story Land’s 6-acre addition and  the attractions in the Animation Courtyard plus various character meet and greets, there is plenty for little ones here. 


Shows are where this park shines.  Beauty And The Beast is one of the most popular shows in Disney World.  Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is epic in scale and production.


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