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Theme Park Tickets Explained

Disney World Tickets

‘Ultimate’ is the current ticket offering from the House Of The Mouse. Disney tickets are likely to be one of your biggest outlays. What exactly do they offer you and is it cheaper to wait until you arrive?

Other Theme Park Tickets

There a whole lot more theme park acreage to explore than just Disneyworld. From Universal to Seaworld and out to Busch Gardens, find out the best way to save with these UK exclusive ticket bundles.

Donut chart showing the relative cost for 14 days entry to each of the Florida parks

Theme Park Entry Relative Cost

3 Things We Can Learn Looking At This Pie Chart

The most expensive theme park on a day by day basis may not be what you're expecting. Let Me explain...

All the theme park tickets here are based on 14 days consecutive entry to make a fair comparison.  There is one exception. Legoland Florida does not currently offer a 14-day ticket so their cost is based on the maximum of 2 days entry.


In purely monetary terms, Disney, as expected will take up nearly half of your ticket budget assuming you want to visit all the main parks in Orlando. This is not a small amount of money either, you’re looking at over £400 per person but look at all that you get included in the section below.


Universal is second, again probably as expected, because of all the investment being pumped into the parks. Wizarding World in the two current existing parks and that work is still ongoing into Florida’s first brand new theme park in 20 years, Epic Universe, that will open just off International Drive in 2024.


In terms of the cost to get 1 person through the gates of a theme park, the most expensive is actually Legoland.  Depending on the time of year and how long you stay, Disney can work out as low as around £30 per day.  Universal, Seaworld & Busch Gardens work out a shade under Disney making them the best value on a daily basis while Legoland currently works out at just over £45.

Disney 'Ultimate' Tickets. Expensive, yes, but look at what you get as standard.

Disney’s ‘Ultimate’ UK ticket packages come bundled with a whole host of extras as standard that our US cousins usually have to pay extra for.  Generally the earlier you book, the better because Disney Dining Plan has been included for early bookers of the following years’ passes.  This can save a family hundreds of dollars compared to the normal cost of eating in the parks. Even if Disney Dining Plan isnt included you still get the following as standard.

Multi Park Entry

Disney tickets are very expensive but that includes 14 days admission to 4 world-class theme parks; Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom. 2 water parks, a round of golf and entry to Wide World Of Sports is also included.


Fastpass+ & Magic Your Way Built In

UK tickets have access to Fastpass+ and Disney’s Memory Maker service included.  Reserve your spot on favourite attractions up to 60 days in advance (30 days if you don’t stay on resort) then relive your favourite memories with digital downloads.  Ride photos, Disney Photopass and dining photos are stored in a digital vault for you to download when you arrive home. The separate cost for Fastpass+ and Memory Maker is $199 for US tickets.


Park Hopping

All UK tickets allow park hopping as standard. This allows you to start off your day in one park before heading to another. Very handy if you want to spend a chilled day in a waterpark before catching the nightly fireworks in another park.

Disney Transport

UK tickets allow free unlimited use of the Disney World transportation system for as long as the ticket is valid. This includes monorail, buses, ferries and, soon, Disney’s very own cable car system. US-based tickets need to have the park hopper extension to be able to use these.  Disney transport is a very handy way of getting around if you don’t want to drive.


Disney Does Demand Based Pricing

After threatening it for years, Disney finally embraced demand based pricing for US based Disney World ticket packages in October 2018.  But what is demand based pricing and do we need to worry about it?

What Is Demand Based Pricing?

In the past, your ticket price was only determined by the length of your stay ranging from 1 to 21 days.  Disney has simplified its ticket offerings over recent years now offering durations of 7, 14 or 21 nights. Demand based pricing brings in another factor to the ticket cost, the time of year you visit and prices can fluctuate by up to $10 per person per day.

Demand Based Pricing And UK 'Ultimate' Tickets

Demand-based pricing only affects US tickets for now. If you want to wait until after you leave the UK to get your tickets you need to check Disney’s pricing calendar to get an idea of what you will pay.  Pre purchased tickets in the UK currently are only based on the year of your travel.

What If Your Ticket Broker Asks For Your Date Of Your Visit?

In this instance, they are likely to be US based operators selling US ticket packages to a UK audience.  Be extra vigilant what is included in the ticket package before you purchase. If your ticket package includes a day at Discovery Cove near Seaworld, you will have to specify a day of visit due to the daily cap of 1300 people.

The Battle To Attract Us

Orlando Flexiticket, the best value ticket in Orlando

If you're out for all out adrenalin, the 6 park Flexiticket is hard to beat

Gringots Bank Roller Coaster @ Universal Studios

Pound for pound the 6-park Flexiticket offers the most bang for your buck

With 2 weeks unlimited admission to a further 4 multi-award winning theme parks and 2 of the newest waterparks in Orlando, the Flexiticket offers the best value for teenagers and adults in Orlando.

Between them, Seaworld, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios and Islands Of Adventure boast nearly 20 roller coasters not to mention dark rides, interactive attractions, world class shows and annual celebrations.  The Flexiticket is hands down the most economical way to see what all 4 parks have to offer.

6-Park Flexiticket

Explore beyond Disney

Flexiticket Perks

No one else has Fastpass+ down quite like Disney does but these parks generally don’t get the crowds Disney does either. There are no photo download savings or Fastpass type reservations with these bundles but these tickets offer the most adrenaline inducing fun for your buck.


Unbeatable Value

14 days consecutive admission for the price of little more than 3 days on a standard ticket.  Throw in free parking at 2 of the 4 main parks and free transport to Busch Gardens, this ticket is hard to beat.

Free Parking In Seaworld Or Busch Gardens

A relatively new perk that seems to have been extended indefinitely for UK ticket holders.  This saves $20 per day which can add up to a tidy sum come the end of your trip.


14 Consecutive Days Admission

No need to worry about how many days you have used where and how many you have left. You have14 days unlimited admission from the date it is first used.

Busch Gardens Express Included

Book your space on the phone or online, quote your ticket number and you’re off to Busch Gardens in air conditioned luxury. Busch Gardens Tampa is home to some of the largest, fastest, steeps roller coasters in the world.  If you need an adrenaline fix, Busch Gardens needs to be top of your list.

Cutting The Cost Of Tickets

Be Ruthless

The easiest way to cut the cost of park tickets is not by shopping around for cheaper prices because they aren’t going to happen. The cheapest way to cut the cost is to cut out a park or 2.  If you only want to see one or 2 attractions in a certain park, is a ticket really justified?

Disney Savings

You may find the odd sale on dotted throughout the year such as adults at kids prices which saves a nominal £20ish per adult but the biggest savings for Disney are up to a year in advance. Free Dining is a popular promotion but, for the past couple of years at least, it has finished early November at the latest for the following years tickets.

Ticket Bundle Offers

Ticket brokers like to dress up their offerings with different names and headline savings.  In short, they are all selling the same product at roughly the same price.  Offers you will find are generally in money off savings for restaurants or free entry for midway attractions such as Ripleys on International Drive.  If they don’t add value for your trip keep looking for the cheapest alternative package.

Where To Get Your Tickets

Attraction Tickets*

Formerly know as Attraction Tickets Direct, they are one of the largest UK based brokers of tickets providing, consistently, some of the best value packages thanks to their buying power.

365 Tickets*

Started in 1997 unfortunately the effects of COVID proved too much for this Jersey based firm.  The operation was declared insolvent in June 2020.

Florida Tix*

A sister site to Attraction Tix specialising in everything Florida. These guys aren’t always the cheapest but the do get good feedback.

American Attractions

Another official UK based seller of tickets. these guys claim to be the cheapest in the UK.  Standard delivery though is a rather long 14 days although you can pay extra to have them delivered faster.

Orlando Attractions

A US-based site specialising in all things Orlando. They do, however, sell official UK ticket bundles. If you’re short on time they offer free pickup from their offices 10 minutes from Disney World.

Orlando Attractions Tickets

These Hampshire based agents have over a decade of experience and are part of usrentacar.co.uk. They have a long list of awards under their belt and do offer a lot of freebies with their bundles some of which you can pick up in Orlando anyway.  Always check the extras will add value for you.


Park Tickets:  Good To Know…


Circumstances change, ticket brokers recognise that and they try to be accomodating.  The short answer they can be cancelled but a charge will be applied, usually a percentage of the total value.  Make sure you are aware of these costs before you book so there are no nasty surprises.

My Disney Experience

All pre-departure Fastpass+ and dining reservations are done through the official My Disney Experience App.  In order to use the app you have to be in possession of real tickets, not vouchers.  When buying your tickets make sure you are issued real tickets not vouchers that have to be exchanged at guest services.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once your Disney tickets are linked to your Disney account they are not able to be cancelled or refunded.

Change Of Date

If your plans change and the dates of your trip change accordingly remember that any UK ticket package you purchase are valid for the year in which they were bought.  As long as your dates move within that year you will not have to notify anyone.  Tickets purchased for 2020 have to have had their first use on or by 31st December 2020.


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