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Keep up to date with the latest Coronavirus advice direct from the parks so you can make informed planning decisions.

Latest Florida Travel Advice

UK Government

The latest government advice is still advising against all but essential travel to the USA, including Florida.  This means a 2 week quarantine period on arrival back in the UK is mandatory.  Most tour operators have suspended Florida holidays until this advice is lifted. You can still find flights but possibly at a much higher cost than usual and you may have to travel via another US city before arriving in Florida.

Florida Health Department

The Florida State Health Department follows guidance from the CDC, the national Centre For Desiese Control, which currently consider UK as high risk.  This means a 14 day quarantine upon arrival in Florida.

Florida has over 600,000 confirmed COVID cases in the state up to the end of August 2020 which has lead to more than 10,000 deaths statewide. Until this situation can get under control travel restrictions will remain in place.


What Are The Parks Doing?

Each park operator is following official CDC and State advice to be able to operate but that doesn’t mean they adopt a uniform approach. This section shows the general changes experienced by visitors to all parks.

“At Universal we are following what we are calling the three S’s: Screening, Sanitization and Spacing”

We will go into a bit more detail on each of the park operators below but please remember that COVID is a very fluid situation and things can and do change very quickly.  Always check the latest information with your chosen park by clicking one of the links below before your visit.


Reduced Capacity And Hours

Parks are operating at a fraction of their usual capacity and opening hours have been cut. Attractions, experiences and some restaurants remain closed for the forseeable future.


Enhanced Safety

Temperature checks on arrival, reducing any form of contact and deeper, regular cleaning of high touch point areas such as ride cars and railings. Face coverings are mandatory almost everywhere.


Disney World

Increased screening and social distancing coupled with resort hotel closures, reduced hours and event cancellations.


Universal Orlando

Reduced hours, increased screening and social distancing plus the cancellation of a top event.


Seaworld & Busch Gardens

Social distancing, reduced hours, reduced public transport and increased cleaning.


Legoland Florida

Temperature checks, writs bands according to height, lots of cleaning plus masks on rides and indoors.

Latest Disneyworld Coronavirus Advice

“Our deliberate and phased apprach at Walt Disney World Resort emphasises multiple layers of health and safety measures.”

Disney’s phased approach to re-opening the resorts will directly impact previous conveniences that you may have taken for granted. What we all once took for a quintessential Disney experience has been abruptly taken away for the short term but Disney is fighting back to win us over once again.


Getting There

Free resort hotel shuttles are temporarily suspended.  There is ample expensive parking for all resort areas and Disney is very well serviced by taxi and popular ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft.

The complimentary on resort transport options including busses, monorail, boats and Gondola are all operating but at a more reduced schedule than usual so expect waits of 20-30 minutes between shuttle busses.




Getting In The Parks

For the short term, Disney requires you to book your place in the park once you have a valid ticket.  Both ticket and online reservation using the Disney Parks Pass system are required before you will be let into your chosen park. 

It is highly recommended that you reserve your park pass as soon as you have your tickets. You can always change your mind but it will be subject to your park still having availability.  The system is active for arrivals up to September 2021 at the moment.



Getting Around The Parks

Park hours have been cut across the board. The hours for September are listed as follows:

Magic Kingdom: 9am – 6pm

EPCOT: 11am – 7pm

Hollywood Studios: 10am – 7pm

Animal Kingdom: 9am – 5pm

Park hours are reviewed regularly so it is always a good idea to keep a check on the official Disney World Park Calendar ahead of your visit.


Amended Experiences

Disney is adhering to state law by not putting on parades or fireworks and allowing people to gather to watch them for the time being.

Indoor shows are still going ahead but at at 50% capacity with empty rows between spectators at popular shows.

Markers have been spotted recently in Main Street, so Disney may be at least looking at introducing something to fill the very large void left by the fireworks and parades in their entertainment schedule.

Traditional meet and greet experiences, are also suspended.  Disney has brought in other ways you can see your favourite characters, you just won’t be able to interact with them like you may have done previously.


Covid Safe Policies

If you are 2 or older you are expected to wear a face covering around the resort. No mask, no entry is the policy and Disney are being strict on this rule. 

They are not required in the water parks nor while you are eating, but don’t expect to be able to walk around the resort drinking.  New rules state “you may remove your face covering while actively eating or drinking but you should be stationary and maintain appropriate social distancing”.

Disney has updated its guidelines about what constitutes a mask. Neck gaitor and open chin triangles are specifically excluded from being appropriate as are masks with valves of any kind. 



Dining In The Parks

With hundreds of restaurants to choose from on a normal day its hardly a surprise that some smaller establishments or those where it would be hard to socially distance cast members or visitors have remained closed.

Disney Dining Plan has been suspended until a date most likely in late 2021 when restrictions on social distancing have been relaxed or lifted altogether.

A lot of the restaurants that remain open have digital menus available inside your ‘My Disney Experience’ App.

Popular character dining experiences has also been suspended due to social distancing restrictions.

Latest Univeral Orlando Coronavirus Advice

If you are hesitant for any reason to come back now, we will be just as thrilled to welcome you through the arches when you’re ready as we are today.”

Universal’s approach to re-opening is as methodical as Disney. They were the first park to re-open and have seen some busy days since. One of the key sources for information for visitors is the updated Universal Orlando park app with added features to enhace a contact free stay.


Getting There

If you are staying on International Drive you are only a short ride from the parks.

Taxi, Uber and Lyft ride sharing apps should still be well servicing the International Drive corridoor.

There is ample parking too if you want to drive yourself.





Getting In The Parks

Temperature screening is a mandatory requirement of entry to the resort, even the free to access areas of Citywalk. 

Face coverings are also mandatory in the parks and on the rides.  You wont need to wear it at Volcano Bay though.

If you want to stay onsite your choice of hotels is limited.  From late August Loews Sapphire Falls Resort, Loews Portofino Bay and Universal’s Aventura Hotel have suspended operations for the winter season. The new Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Dockside Inn & Suites has had its grand opening suspended indefinitely.


Getting Around The Parks

Universal has shortened park hours by 1 hour a day. The current operating hours are:

Universal Studios: 9am – 5pm

Islands Of Adventure: 10am – 6pm

Volcano Bay: 10am – 5pm

Volcano Bay will also be closed Tuesday and Thursdays from September now we are entering the traditionally quieter time for water parks as the weather turns slightly chillier.




Amended Experiences

Fireworks are off the cards for now and Universal typically doesn’t run a regular parade outside of the Mardi Gras celebrations.

The popular Halloween Horror Nights event held from mid September to early November has been cancelled for 2020.

Children’s play areas are temporarily closed as well as the following attractions. In the Studios A Day In The Park With Barney , Fast And Furious Supercharged and Kang & Kodos’ Twirl & Hurl are shut. 

Islands of adventure isn’t running Storm Force Accelatron and Poseidon’s Fury as well as Me Ship The Olive and Jurassic Park Discovery Centre for the short term future.


Covid Safe Policies

Universal requires anyone over 3 to wear a face covering. Like Disney, they are not required in the water park nor while you are actively eating.

If you can’t wear a face covering for any reason a face shield is still mandatory but may not be allowed on certain rides when a face covering must be worn.

Mobile food and drink ordering through the Universal Orlando app is being heavily pushed to promote contact free operations.

Virtual Line is being rolled out to certain attractions. Disney only uses it for Rise Of The Resistance but Universal allows a couple of options with promises of more to come.


Dining In The Parks

Universal isn’t short on places to eat. Between 2 theme parks, a water park and entertainment zone, you are spoilt for choice.

Mobile ordering is being heavily pushed for counter service locations.  Popular seated locations like The Leaky Cauldron or Mythos seat you first before taking your order.  Everything is brought to your table.

Menus here are single use.  You can take the “souvenir menu” home for free.  




Latest Seaworld & Busch Gardens Coronavirus Advice

“We are excited to continue to provide our guests with fun, inspiring and memorable experiences while addressing important health and safety needs during this time.”

Seaworld and Busch Gardens, both operated by the same parent company, focus on cleaning and sanitation as well as the welfare of the animals in their care. Even with far fewer visitors than Disne and Universal you are still required to reserve your day in the park once you have a valid admission ticket.


Getting There

With the suspension of the I-Ride Trolley Service around International Drive and Busch Gardens Express operated by Mears, there are currently no public transport options to get to either park.

You are left with a choice of driving (with free parking to multi-day ticket holders) or the ever dependable ride sharing/taxi option.  With Busch Gardens being an hour away, your only viable option to BG currently is to drive.






Getting In The Parks

The usual temperature screening is a mandatory requirement of entry to the park

Face covering policies mirror Disney, in that they are mandatory in the parks and on the rides for anyone aged 2 and up

There are a couple of hotels located nearby the resort but they are independently owned and there are no specific on-site options you need to worry about.





Getting Around The Parks

Like other Orlando parks, both parks have cut their operating schedule but hours can be longer at weekends, please check ahead of your visit. The general current operating hours are. One point to note is that Busch Gardens appears to be closed every Monday and Wednesday.

Seaworld Park: 10am – 6pm

Aquatica: 10am – 5pm

Discovery Cove: 9am – 5pm

Busch Gardens: 10am – 6pm



Amended Experiences

With fewer guests and plenty of space, Seaworld has been able to operate its seasonal fireworks extravaganza, Electric Ocean, this summer while still maintaining social distancing. That event came to a close in Early September.

Seating capacity at all Seaworld’s shows is limited with sections and rows blocked off to allow social distancing.  For popular shows you may need to arrive half an hour in advance for the best seats.

Certain attractions are closed for safety reasons at both parks.  There is a clear list on each website you can check ahead of your visit at Seaworld and Busch Gardens.



Covid Safe Policies

Aside from a few attraction closures, it appears to be largely business as usual at Seaworld. The park is back open daily and its been running fireworks through the summer while maintaining social distancing.

Busch Gardens is a slightly different story with full day closures and a suspiciously long list of attraction unavailability. It would be wise for you to check their dedicated attraction closures page ahead of your visit.

The water parks appear to be running a near normal schedule.  Face masks are required when queueing in restaurants and around the entrance/exit of the park but not in the water or on the attractions. 


Dining In The Parks

With only a couple of restaurant closures in Seaworld, your choice of where to eat is largely intact.  You can also still purchase the All Day Dining Plan if you prefer to budget ahead of time.

Like all parks, seating is arranged to promote social distancing.  Condiment stations have been closed, utensils are pre-packaged and buffet areas have been modified with pre packed alternatives or closed until further notice.

Restaurants generally open from 11am and some do close earlier than others.




Latest Legoland Florida Coronavirus Advice

At LEGOLAND® Florida Resort, our mission is to create a truly memorable experience and, as a part of that mission, we place the utmost importance on the safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees.

Legoland have taken quite a strict stance on safety.  While you aren’t obliged to wear a face covering unless you are 8 or older, all international travellers are effectively banned from visiting for the first 2 weeks of their stay.  We expect this to change once air travel restrictions are revised but for the time being, you can forget visiting this park.


Getting There

Legoland also usually operates a shuttle service from International Drive but, like the Busch Gardens Express, this service is currently suspended.

Situated in Winter Haven, around 45 minutes south of both Orlando and Tampa, your only option to visit one of the largest Legoland parks in the world is to drive.  They do have onsite hotels, including the brand new Lego Pirate Island that opened on the 1st June, so an overnight stay with 2 day park entry is a great idea once the restriction on international travellers is lifted.



Getting In The Parks

Pre-booking your visit like with other parks is not necessary at Legoland but us international visitors, currently, are stuck having to quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival in Florida before we would be allowed in the park.

At the gates booking online before you arrive to avoid the ticket kiosk is highly recommended and everyone will be temperature tested as per CDC guidelines.

Children’s heights are checked once at at the gate and a wristband is issued to save multiple height checks.



Getting Around The Parks

The Legoland App has been updated to show locations of hand sanitiser stations throughout the park. On wet days it will also point you to the nearest cover so you can dodge the downpours.

Heading out of summer the park is running reduced hours and will be closed every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the forseeable future. When the park is open the general hours are:

 Legoland Park: 10am – 5pm

Legoland Water Park: 12pm – 4pm


Amended Experiences

Legoland doesn’t update its website with a list of attractions that are closed but the information is available in the App. The Legoland Florida website does state that rides, attractions, shows and restaurants may be altered or closed to promote social distancing and to comply with Florida State Health Department rules.

Ride wait times are also in the app but reviews state that only if you connect to their wifi and enable location data. Other reviews mention the huge amount of data the app requires to run.  Be careful of the cost!



Covid Safe Policies

Masks are mandatory inside and on rides and attractions for anyone aged 8 and over.

Rides will have empty rows and/or seats where social distancing dictates and 

At the water park all tubes used in the lazy river and on slides are sanitised between every rider.

Legoland have produced a small leaflet detailing the changes they have made to the resort to make it COVID safe.





Dining In The Parks

Restaurants that remain open have had seating amended to comply with the latest social distancing guidelines.  Like other parks, buffet areas have been stocked with pre-packed alternatives where possible or will remain closed.

In all, the park lists 14 eating establishments with a mix of counter service, amended buffet service and grab and go. There will still be a good choice of where and what you can eat once you are inside the park.




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