Disney World Fastpass Guide

Getting started with Disney World’s Fastpass system

Reserve Dining Reservations

Book a table at a sit down restaurant at any of the theme parks up to 2 months in advance.

Advanced Attraction Reservations

Reserve your spot on attractions up to 2 months ahead of your visit but popular rides get booked up fast!

OPERATIONS UPDATE: Due to COVID restrictions, at the current time the Fastpass+ system within Disney World is disabled

What Is Fastpass+?

Fastpass+ enables every person to reserve a spot on some of Disney World’s most popular rides ahead of your visit.

You can also book table reservations at some fo Disney World’s most popular sit-down restaurants.

Is Fastpass+ free?

For UK bought tickets yes! It is included in the price you pay.  Ticket packages bought locally need to have the Fastpass+ option added at an extra cost.

Key Fastpass+ Information

Getting the most out of Fastpass+ means knowing what you can do with it and when you can do it based on your choice of where you stay.

What You Can Book & When

Book your attraction reservations before you visit depending on the following:

  • ON-RESORT guests can reserve up to 60 days in advance.
  • STANDARD TICKET HOLDER guests can reserve spots up to 30 days in advance.
  • Book your table reservations up to 2 months in advance no matter where you stay.

Making Changes

Amend your choices up until the day in one of 2 ways:

You are limited to booking only 3 attractions per person per day but not everyone has to reserve the same attraction.

Fastpass+ Planning Tool

My free Fastpass+ schedule and guide is packed with information to enable you to book and keep track of your Fastpass+ reservations. A new version is already in the works for when Fastpass returns to Disney World.

Disney World Fastpass+ Schedule & Guide

Each sheet is formatted to be printed on one sheet of A4 paper

Accessing Fastpass+

Use these buttons to be taken either directly to the website or to download the app to your smartphone

Disney World Website

Click this module to be taken to the Fastpass+ section of the Disney World website

Fastpass+ App Download

Click this link to be taken to a page to select the appropriate app for your smartphone.

The Not So Fine Print!

Key rules that you should know!


3 Maximum

There is a limit of 3 attractions, they can be rides or shows, that can be booked ahead of your visit.  This is to make sure that the system is as fair as possible to everyone. This rule also applies if you stay in a Disney owned property.


1 Park

Your chosen 3 attractions can only be in one park per day. EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom operate a tiered system of attractions restricting you to choosing just one of the most popular attractions.


Set up a group for reservations (great for families). The group leader can assign individuals to certain rides while others can try something else if the time slots match up or they can have a sit down while they wait.


More On The Day

Once you have tapped into your last pre-allocation, select another using the My Disney Experience App. If you book a seating spot for the fireworks in your initial allocation you won’t be able to make any further day of reservations.   

Plan your perfect Orlando holiday

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