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Everything you need to know about planning your trip to Orlando

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A concise guide to Orlando’s Theme Parks

Your free guide to Orlando’s theme parks is always up to date and always with you on your smartphone or whatever device you choose.

Even if you have never been, you will find out what you have to book, when and why.  It’s constantly being updated because Orlando theme parks never stop innovating.

With topics ranging from When To Go, Park Tickets, Budgeting, Saving Money and more you can be sure you will have a great time first time!

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We cover everything you need to know about planning your perfect trip

Topics range from when to go, seasonal celebrations and how to get the best deal on your park tickets as well as saving money and time, Disney Fastpass+ and Universal Express Pass.

Our guide takes you step by step through the planning process until you are ready to board the plane. The best bit is it is absolutely FREE when you sign up to our newsletter.


What's Inside?

Section By Section

  • When To Go
  • Where To Stay
  • Park Tickets
  • What To Pack

When To Go

You may be tied into school holidays but if not there is a lot more you need to think about.

School holidays are popular for obvious reasons but if you have more freedom you need to take into account various things like seasonal celebrations, new attraction openings, ride refurbishments etc. This section breaks it all down for you.

Where To Stay

Where you stay has a direct relation to your costs getting around so it should be one of your first considerations

Hotels, villas or houses, there is plenty of choice around International Drive and Kissimmee.  Here we help you narrow down where to stay as well as listing the differences you will receive if you opt to pay more and stay on-site in the theme parks.

Park Tickets

Disney Fastpass requires that you be in possession of your actual tickets up to 6 months in advance but how do you find. thebest price for you?

This section covers where to buy your tickets, the differences between U.K. and U.S. ticket packages and how you can find the best value for your money for you. 

What To Pack

A Florida holiday is packed with temptations.  Park specific merchandise and cheap denim are top of people lists.  

Knowing what you are allowed to carry on the plane is key to avoiding the dredded excess baggage fee. We also have a handy travel checklist you can download to make sure you don’t forget anything.

  • Package Or DIY?
  • Budgeting
  • New Technology
  • Saving Money

Package Trip Or DIY?

The days when only 1 or 2 tour operators could get you where you wanted to go are long gone.

The internet has brought new tools that enable armchair travellers to book their holidays without leaving the couch.

Knowing how to find the best price for your flights and hotel can be daunting.  This section breaks down how to book your dream trip yourself while providing links to some of the biggest names in travel if you prefer to let the agent take the strain.


One thing an Orlando holiday is not, is cheap.  Keeping track of your costs is even more important with the convenience that parks allow us to part with our cash. 

Here we list some handy ways to save more cash without breaking the bank and shine a spotlight on theme park dining plans. They look great on paper but not everybody eats the same.  Knowing what is and isn’t included is key to knowing if you will lose money with these systems.

Technology In The Parks

Doing theme parks without a smartphone is still doable, just not very convenient!

The rise of smartphone from a luxury item to a near necessity has helped parks cust costs and increased our convenience. 

This chapter focusses mainly on the park apps which let you see ride wait times, book your place in a virtual line, get directions to your next ride or even find your car.

You can still do the parks without using your phone but you should expect to queue. A lot! And don’t forget your new necessity, a battery power bank!

Saving Money

You can trim precious pounds off almost every aspect of your trip if you are prepared to shop around.  

This final section covers what may not be top of your priorities. Mobile roaming rates can be slashed to almost nothing if you are on the right tariff but how do you know what you are paying?

Then there are bank charges.  These can be all be avoided if you can step outside the comfort zone of your bank and use a currency card. Our Currency Cards 101 section brings you up to speed quick so you can save a ton of cash compared to using your bank card while abroad.

No other free guide gives you this much information!