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Magic Kingdom

The World’s busiest theme park may not be the largest in Disney World but it does have the most attractions.  It is impossible to see everything in a day 

Magic Kingdom

142 acres

Recommended Visit: 2 Days

Attraction Count: 40

Fireworks: Nightly

Welcome to the busiest 142 acres in the world where millions of pairs of feet pound the walkways.  

There may be 40+ attractions to choose from but the headline attractions regularly have queues stretching over an hour or two.  How you use your Fastpass+ allocation here will have a profound effect on your enjoyment of the day.  One thing is guaranteed, you will be completely exhausted by the time you leave.


Roller Coasters


Thrill Rides


Water Rides


Dark Rides


Childrens Rides




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Park Map

Download an up-to-date park map so you can get some idea of how 1 area relates to others within the park.  Maps are updated every year or as new attractions are opened so keep checking here for the most up to date map.


Park Guide

Never been before?  Version 2 of our Park Guide is now available.  Fully rewritten and expanded with up to 5 times more information than version 1.  Download this invaluable resource for first time visitors now for free!


Attraction Tick List

So much to do yet so little time.  Download this handy printable 1-sheet PDF tick list of attractions for the park so you can easily see what you have already planned and what you may have missed.

Explore The Park!

Currently, only this overview page is active.  Each of the sections below will eventually hold more information on the park’s attractions.

Roller Coasters

If you’re looking for thrills you may be out of luck. The roller coasters here a very definitely family friendly.  Due to their age you may have ridden better versions at other Disney parks, notably Space Mountain.

Thrill Rides

In the Magic Kingdom?  Much like the sale of alcohol, you won’t find any thrill rides here.  The focus is definitely on families and attractions that tell a story. The park is filled with dark rides and whimsical settings.

Water Rides

There may only be one ride designed to get you wet but what a ride!  Splash Mountain is still one of the finest examples of log flume theming in the world and one that is unlikely to be matched anytime soon.

Dark & Immersive Rides

Pirates Of The Caribbean, Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh, Voyage Of The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan’s Flight, Haunted Mansion.  Dark rides are in Disney’s DNA

Childrens Rides

With the park focussed s heavily on family there is an overwhelming choice of attractions for children which is a stark contrast to many other parks in the area.


While not explicitly theatre based shows there is quite the variety of shows available. From talking parrots and bears through to classic Disney animated fun you’ll find it here.


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