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Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is more than just the headline theme parks.  With 40 square miles of land, Disney has its own community, Celebration, its own fire service, utilities, power grid and even a solar farm.  But millions of people come for the theme parks so lets start exploring…


Magic Kingdom

Walt's Lasting Vision

With over 20 million visitors per year, The Magic Kingdom in Orlando is the world’s most visited theme park.  Managing people flow on this scale starts before you even enter the park.

With 40+ world-class rides and attractions don’t expect to get everything done.  If you don’t have a plan or use Disney’s free Fastpass+ allocation to the max you can expect to be standing in some very long queues.


One Of A Kind Edutainment

Somewhat overlooked by many thanks to a lack of investment, EPCOT is next on Disney’s masterplan for a complete overhaul.

Soon to be home to the world’s largest indoor roller coaster as well as a newly announced fireworks extravaganza. An injection of characters is breathing new life into this nostalgic favourite.



Hollywood Studios

Immersion On A New Level

Disney’s Hollywood Studios had a brand identity crisis. From a place where you could “Ride the Movies” you will soon be able to live them.

This multi million dollar reinvention of this park is promising to be a spectacle. That has related to mass closings of attractions in the park leaving it a shell of it’s former self but in the end we will all be winners as Disney takes on Universal in a battle to keep us coming back for more.

Animal Kingdom

Disney's most underrated park?

Animal Kingdom is, without doubt, Joe Rhode’s masterpiece.  The attention to detail is stunning, the theming and staging is seamless. 

It now has some world-class rides and, with the opening of Avatar ,and a new nighttime spectacular, Animal Kingdom has finally flourished into a full day park.  Animal Kingdom is finally coming of age.


Coming Soon

Typhoon Lagoon

A Masterpiece Of Classic Water Park Design

Typhoon Lagoon may not be Disney World’s original water park, that title goes to the now-closed River Country, but it is a classic water park setting.

Packing a surprising amount into its tiny tropical island themed 61-acre plot, Typhoon Lagoon may now be Orlando’s oldest water park but it is still one of Orlando’s best.

Blizzard Beach

A Ski Resort? In Florida?

The runaway success of Typhoon Lagoon and ageing infrastructure of River Country necessitated another alternative.

The result is undoubtedly Disney.  Where Typhoon Lagoon mixes family thrills with serious chills on idyllic sandy beaches, Blizzard Beach goes for heart-pumping thrills over relaxation.

Coming Soon

Be Forewarned

1st May 2019 saw the introduction of new rules to all Disney World’s parks.  Please abide by them to avoid being refused entry.

Push Chair Size Restrictions

If you want to take your own push chair for your children please make sure that it does not measure more than 31″ wide (79cm) and 52″ long (132cm). If it is larger you will be refused entry and must hire a Disney stroller for the day at an extra cost. 

This is to help guest flow in ever increasingly crowded parks. The move has been welcomed by the majority of guests.  Only once you have visited can you appreciate while it may inconvenience a few, it benefits the masses.

Smoking Ban Inside Parks

The relaxed rules about only lighting up in smoking areas within the parks have now lead to an all-out ban.

If you want to smoke or vape, all smoking areas have been removed to outside the park entrances.  This also applies to water parks, ESPN Wide World Of Sports and Disney Springs. 

Hotels and Disney Springs will, however, still have designated smoking areas. All rooms, balconies and patios within Disney hotels are also strictly no smoking.

And Theres More!

While the push chair size restrictions and smoking ban will catch most people out there are a couple more rules you may like to know before you go.

If you take a cool bag, loose and dry ice is now banned.  Reusable ice packs are recommended. Cups of ice can be provided by food and beverage locations within the parks. 

If you are 13 and over, costumes and masks are banned so little ones don’t get confused between a member of the public and a Disney Character.


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