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Volcano Bay

Orlando’s newest water park commands attentions with a 200ft tall erupting Volcano at its centre.

Volcano Bay Overview

Erupting volcano, virtual queues, electronic payments. Orlando's newest waterpark helps you to have more fun!

Until Volcano Bay came along the waterpark market in Orlando had stagnated.  Seaworld has Aquatica which made a few waves when it first opened in 2008.  Disney World has stalwarts Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.

Volcan Bay was like a breath of fresh air.  The virtual queue had some blips to begin with but things have been settling down nicely.

There is already an announcement of an extension to the bustling new water park.

The park has a host of thrill slides and a water coaster exploding from the volcano centrepiece as well as the usual array of water park staples such as a lazy river, kids section, wave pool and plenty of loungers.  You can spend your day relaxing or enjoying the thrills.


Total Attractions


Thrilling Slides


Acres Of Fun

Volcano Bay Map

Idyllic Setting

Even the park map exudes lush greenery which is evident as you approach the park entrance from the tram stop.  With virtual queues for all attractions your first stop should be to get your wrist band.

Getting Here!

To get here you must first park your car in the main parking structure as you would for the theme parks then grab a quick 10-minute bus ride. Buses leave roughly every 15 minutes from the taxi rank. Expect a long queue first thing in the mornings.

First Steps Before You Relax

Writsband in hand and all changed it’s time to find a spot to park for the day.  There are plenty of free loungers dotted around the various lagoons or you can purchase a cabana for the day.

Now get in those virtual queues. Information boards display the return time for all attractions.  To get in line visit the attraction and tap on the totem. Your wrist will vibrate when its time to may your way over.

If you have small children there are limited loungers around Runamukka Reef to the right of the Volcano (J on the map).

Volcano Bay

Park Map

The Slides

There is a focus in this park on sharing thrills with friends and family.  You will notice a lot of slides are for 2 or more people to enjoy at the same time. But you can still find traditional thrills with added spills amongst the parks attractions.

Krakatau Aqua Coaster

Take a thrilling ride around The Volcano as you are propelled up and down slopes and around bends in 4 person rafts.

Taniwha Tubes

4 slides of 2 person tubes twist and turn before a spalshdown finish.

Honu ika Moana

Honu ika Moana is 2 family slides for 5 riders at a time. Moana is more traditional while the steep drops and sides of Honu add thrilling new elements to enjoy.

Punga Racers

2 traditional single person speed slides that twist in and around The Volcano.

other attractions

things that aren’t slides

While slides make up the highest proportion of attractions there is plenty to do around the park while you wait your turn.  As well as the Kopiko Wai Winding River, Runamukka Reef and Tot Tiki Reef for small ones just wandering around you will notice small but important interactive elements that enhance your day.

Waturi Beach

The central focal point of the park.

Lazy River

You don’t have to walk everywhere to get around.  Hop on a tube in the lazy river and get off at your destination.

Runamukka Reef

Runamukka Reef is great for children too small to ride the bigger slides.

Getting a relaxing day in Volcano Bay.

Set Yourself Up

Get In Those Lines

Relax & Explore

Getting A Relaxing Day Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

Get organised when you get in the park, resist the urge to explore straight away, to set yourself up for a relaxing stay at Volcano Bay


All the queues are virtual.  As soon as you enter the park get changed and get your wristband.  Sort out your sun loungers for the day and set a meeting point for anyone if they get lost. 

Now as you walk about the park you can tap on an attraction you like for it to be added to your itinerary. Your wrist will vibrate when it’s time to make your way over. Until then just relax and go with the flow!


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