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Universal Studios

Gradually morphing from a park that made movies to place where you can live in them

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida: 125 Acres

Recommended Visit: 1 Day

Attraction Count: 20

Fireworks: High Season Only


Because of the lack of space left in Universal Orlando, the production facilities of the Studios park have been scaled back.  Movie production is rare but some TV shows are still taped here. The focus for this park now is thrilling visitors with a world-class array of rides and shows.  Its a perfect compliment to it’s Hollywood cousin where production rules and visitors feel hemmed in by the off limits production facilities that surround them,

Roller Coasters


Thrill Rides


Water Rides


Dark Rides


Childrens Rides




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Park Map

Universal maps aren’t as up to date as Disney, even their own maps page on the official website is currently a broken link.  This map is recent enough to show you all the main attractions including the 2 newest additions to the park.


Park Guide

Never been before?  Download our 1 sheet cheat sheet to give you an instant snapshot of the park.  Handy information includes driving times, must do attractions, long term attraction closures and vital statistics.


Attraction Tick List

Universal Studios is possible to do in 1 day but you need to be organised about how you go about it to save a lot of walking around in loops.  Organise yourself better with this printable 1-sheet PDF tick list.

Explore The Park!

Currently, only this overview page is active.  Each of the sections below will eventually hold more information on the park’s attractions.

Roller Coasters

While there are higher and faster roller coasters to be had elsewhere, Universal Studios has the essentials covered.  Rip, Ride, Rockit is all out adrenalin while the kids have Nuthouse Coaster.  Revenge Of The Mummy is still one of the finest indoor family roller coasters around.

Thrill Rides

Aside from the Rip, Ride, Rockit roller coaster the park is light on all out thrills.  The Simpsons could be classed as a thrill ride if you get the right car but the emphasis of attractions in this park is telling a story which done with fewer thrills and more subtle variations.

Water Rides

The one thing this park is light on is water attractions. Massive show buildings for the numerous dark rides don’t leave an awful lot of real estate for water rides.  Walking around the park though you find that it’s not something that you actually miss.

Dark & Immersive Rides

This is Universal Studios’ bread and butter.  From family-friendly Shrek and Minions Mayhem through to all-out thrills on Harry Potter and Escape From Gringotts and Transformers. There is enough variation in the dark rides to keep everything feeling fresh.

Childrens Rides

This is the one area the park has always been lacking.  Kid Zone is a small token area long overdue for a revamp.  The announcement of a tie up with Nintendo sent a flurry of excitement through the public but nothing is confirmed yet and the latest rumour is its been postponed.


The Blue Brothers still play daily through the streets of New York, as they have done since park opening.  Children have Barney and Curious George to occupy them while Animal Actors Live is as family friendly as it comes. Universal Studios still has quite the variety of shows.


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