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Islands Of Adventure

20 years after it initially opened, Universal’s Islands Of Adventure is still one of the highest rated theme parks in the world.

Universal's Islands Of Adventure

Park Size: 110 Acres

Recommended Visit: 1 Day

Attraction Count: 18

Fireworks: None


The new millennium saw the opening of a groundbreaking theme park on Universal’s old parking lot.  Islands Of Adventure was so ahead of its time, it’s opening day attractions are still world-class leaders in the industry.  Islands of Adventure is home to the original ‘Wizarding World’ which sees millions of fans annually flock to see the faithful recreation of Hogsmead and the mystical creatures within.

Roller Coasters


Thrill Rides


Water Rides


Dark Rides


Childrens Rides




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Park Map

Universal maps aren’t as up to date as Disney, even their own maps page is currently a broken link.  This map is recent enough to show you the main islands but please note that Dragon Challenge in ‘Wizarding World’ is now closed permanently.


Park Guide

Never been before?  Download our 1 sheet cheat sheet to give you an instant snapshot of the park.  Handy information includes driving times, must do attractions, long term attraction closures and vital statistics.


Attraction Tick List

Eash Island is planned to be independent of the next so there are no short cuts in this park. Get organised and plan your day better by downloading the printable 1 sheet tick list.

Explore The Park!

Currently, only this overview page is active.  Each of the sections below will eventually hold more information on the park’s attractions.

Roller Coasters

You can’t mistake the roar of the Incredible Hulk which is audible all around the resort. Harry Potter And The Forbidden journey is part rollercoaster, part immersive dark ride but all groundbreaking in design. The coaster count expands this June with the opening of the much anticipated ‘Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure’.

Thrill Rides

Design triumphs in this park and blurs the lines between traditional rides incorporating thrill elements where you least expect it.  Dr Doom’s dual drop towers are hard to miss but its the rides like Kong: Reign Of Skull Island that blur the traditional with new high tech seamless elements to bring a new level of thrill to the theme park arsenal.

Water Rides

Islands Of Adventure is undisputedly the king of water rides in Orlando.  Popeye And Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barges is the worlds wettest rapids ride while Dr Seuss has one of the only flumes to go below the water level.  Then there is always Jurassic Park, where Dinosaurs meet one of the world’s steepest drops in a thrilling finale.

Dark & Immersive Rides

The ‘Amazing Adventures Of Spiderman’ invented this genre over 20 years ago.  Now with cutting edge 4K high definition 3D visuals and upgraded sound, Spiderman is as cutting edge now as it was when it first opened.  The Wizarding World has elevated a traditional dark ride and put it, thrillingly, on rails.

Childrens Rides

Seuss Landing is a whacky and colourful alternate reality.  The maze is great fun no matter what age you are and the High In The Sky Trolley Ride offers some superb views over the islands.  If you have pre-teen children, they will get more out of Disney World’s Various offerings than Universal.


This park is strangely bereft of shows.  Toon Lagoon has a huge theatre that is only put to use in the summer months and the Mystic Fountain is a fun aside once you realise what’s going on.  One of the parks opening day attractions is also its hidden gem. Poseidon’s Fury is one of the best shows around.


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