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A park fighting back with an injection of adrenalin right in the heart of Orlando.

Seaworld Orlando

Park Size: 279 Acres

Recommended Visit: 1 Day

Attraction Count: 13

Fireworks: Seasonal


Seaworld has, for too long, stayed with an outdated business model.  A model that was desperately in need of modernisation.  The Seaworld parks of today are beginning to look very different from those of yesteryear.

New management has shifted the focus from animal-based shows to more ride orientated headline grabbers to get people through the turnstiles.  You will still find the classic animal behaviour shows of the past mixed in with added thrills and imported intellectual property such as the new immersive Sesame Street themed land.

Seaworld makes for a surprisingly relaxed day out compared to the non stop rides and crowds of other parks.

Roller Coasters


Thrill Rides


Water Rides


Dark Rides


Childrens Rides




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Park Map

Seaworld usually update their show times daily according to expected crowds so pick up a map on entry to make sure you don’t miss anything. Alternatively, like many other parks Seaworld also have a mobile phone app you can download.


Park Guide

Never been before?  Download our 1 sheet cheat sheet to give you an instant snapshot of the park.  Handy information includes driving times, must do attractions, long term attraction closures and vital statistics.


Attraction Tick List

Seaworld is set around a huge central lagoon.  Download this attraction tick list so you can plan better, smarter and walk less.  Choose rides and shows in the same area before moving on to the next.

Explore The Park!

Click on any of the sections below to dive deeper into the attractions and experiences you will find at Seaworld Orlando.  The only exception is thrill rides because Seaworld, currently, does not feature any thrill rides.

Roller Coasters

Seaworld is now home to an impressive array of roller coasters. Manta is Orlando’s only ‘flying’ roller coaster.  Hyper coaster, Mako, is billed as Orlando’s tallest & fastest while Kraken remains one of the best roller coasters in Orlando.

Thrill Rides

Aside from high-speed thrills on rails, you will find that Seaworld is generally a place for quieter exploration.  The queue lines for the big rides even weave in an educational flair in their highly detailed twists and turns.

Water Rides

Seaworld is home to the world’s first hybrid ride, Journey To Atlantis which starts out as a log flume but has a surprise high-speed finale.  Infinity Falls meanwhile, features the world’s tallest river rapids drop.

Dark & Immersive Rides

Two of the animal habitats feature dark ride attractions as a means of entering the habitat.  This serves two purposes, to transport you into the area and set the theme for the habitat while also breaking up the queue.  Wild Arctic has a simulator ride while Antarctica has a story drive trackless dark ride entry where you can pick your intensity level.

Childrens Rides

With the opening of Sesame Street which replaced Shamu’s Happy Harbour near Shamu Stadium, young children are well catered for at Seaworld.  They will also be spellbound by up-close marine creatures they can learn about and touch.  Outside of Disney, Seaworld is probably one of the best parks for young children in Orlando.


Seaworld used to be almost exclusively based around shows but recent years have brought budget cuts to offset the cost of new attractions.  Once world-class theatre shows have become seasonal affairs. The whale & dolphin shows are still performed, although Seaworld no longer breeds animals so they are on a finite timeline.


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