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Busch Gardens Tampa

A little adrenaline injection close to the beach

Busch Gardens Tampa

335 Acres

Recommended Visit: 1 Day

Attraction Count: 29

Fireworks: High Season Only


As well as it’s impressive roller coaster count, for which Busch Gardens has become famous, Busch Gardens is home to an impressive array of wild animals who roam the 65-acre Serengheti Plain. Numerous educational walk through attractions compliment the ride count to make one impressive day out.

Roller Coasters


Thrill Rides


Water Rides


Dark Rides


Childrens Rides




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Currently, only this overview page is active.  Each of the sections below will eventually hold more information on the park’s attractions.

Roller Coasters

Montu and SheikRa are hard to miss as you arrive at the park but they are just 2 of the parks impressive count of 8 coasters.  This will rise to 10 by 2020.

Thrill Rides

Roller coasters are the main thril but there are 2 main thrill rides.  One of these is the tallest freestanding drop tower in North America with one terifying twist.

Water Rides

Despite the warm and humid climate, there are now just 2 water rides in the park. A third was removed to make way for 2019’s new roller coaster addition.

Dark & Immersive Rides

The park’s only indoor ride was removed some years ago.  It’s now one of the two theatres playing host to broadway quality productions in the busy summer months.

Childrens Rides

Sesame Street found its way to BGT before Seaworld.  As well as Sesame Street and it’s 4 rides there are a couple of impressive play areas dotted throughout the park.


The show quality is impressive but the season is short.  Shows usually only play for a limited run.  Shoulder seasons such as early spring and autumn can be quiet.


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