Legoland Florida Overview

Opened in 2011 on the former site of Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, Legoland Florida is now the third-largest Lego park in the world. All Legoland favourites are here along with a preserved Cypress Gardens, waterpark and 2 onsite hotels

Legoland Florida Park Directions


1 Legoland Way

Winter Haven



GPS Coordinates:

27.9889° N, 81.6911° W

Legoland Florida Park Stats

  • Park Size: 149 Acres
  • Demographic: Young Children
  • Annual Visitor Numbers: <2m (estimated)
  • Average daily Visitor Count: 6,000 estimated

Legoland Florida Attraction Mix

  • Roller Coasters & Thrill Rides 18% 18%
  • Family & Children’s Attractions 77% 77%
  • Shows 5% 5%

Legoland Florida Website

Roller Coasters

Water Rides

Family Children's Rides

Thrill Rides

Dark & Immersive Rides


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Legoland Florida Gallery

Park Guide

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Park Guide

A handy reference guide if you have ever been before. Use this in conjunction with the park map to figure out how best to plan your day.


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Park Map

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Attraction Tick List

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Legoland Florida Attractions

Roller Coasters

For a park aimed primarily at young children there are an impressive amount and variety of roller coasters.

Dark & Immersive Rides

Young ones don’t want to sit and watch so most attractions are kinetic and outdoors making the most of the scenery.

Thrill Rides

As you might expect thrills here are related to the age demographic & these attractions also have some height restrictions.

Other Rides & Attractions

The vast majority of attractions here cater for young or very young children. Keep an eye on age & height restrictions.

Water Rides

Paying homage to the world famous ski show that used to call this place its home you’ll find a great array of water rides.


With a park this beautiful you don’t want to be indoors but there are a couple of shows to escape the heat.